Village DALNIY of Plesetsk district, Arkhangelsk region, Russia
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This site is about village "Dalniy" ("Dalniaya" station, 31-th) of Plesetsk district, Arkhangelsk region. This settlement doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately. Only memories and photos are left...

The aim of this project is to gather and publish here photos, documents, historical facts - anything that could be interesting for people, who lived in that place. Thus I, author, want to unite people who may remember, with warmth in their hearts, that faraway land with its beautiful taiga and lakes.

Pages are also introduced in English for people all over the World could read about our little piece of taiga at the North of Russia.


This site now is only a set of informational pages, where all operations of adding and editing data are performed by author only, but some time later (I hope, not too long) the project will be upgraded to more serious level, when users will be able to register their accounts here and to add data themselves.

Not so long ago I bought a scanner with option of scanning negative and positive films (35mm and other). There's a plan to make an addition to the gallery in January, and probably, to sort photos by sections.


The gallery is up to date step by step. It's a big pleasure to see kind responces in the guestbook, thank you all very much. It would be great to receive photos: I hope, there will be enough of them to realize one idea... You know, there's another way to visit Dalniy of that days long ago: not only in Your dreams or thoughts while watching photos. Technological progress made a great breakthrough since our village disappeared, and especially owing to prevalence of PCs and the Internet You are reading these strings right now... Certainly all you know about virtual reality, and maybe even played or saw anybody else playing 3D-games. It's not so easy, but possible to create reliable enough 3D-model of Dalniy (or its part). And I have a wish (and moreover, skills), to perform it. First aim - to collect graphical data as much as possible: photos with any buildings, streets, roads, forest around the village and lake; it could be very good to get ones with guard unit, labour settlements (30 and 31), railroad station, logging depot... everything that still possible...

And now I wish to make special thank to Albert Popkov, author of, and its developers team for that project! The site counts more than 20 persons, studied or worked in our school.


Hello-hello, dear visitors... long ago I updated this page last time, though other parts of the site were updated not once: new photos added and the english part was updated and reorganized. One of our permanent visitors, Dmitry, have recently asked me a question recently about why did I create the english part... Such a question may interest many of our compatriots, so let me answer it here: there are not so many resources in english about our russian North of Soviet period. They mainly are info about some well known points of interest or forest reserves, but at this site we are, so strange for many foreigners, citizens of ex-USSR, can tell "from first hands" about our life there - in the place, falled into oblivion with Soviet Union.


Good day, my friends!
Take a look at last updates and changes:
- the site structure is up to date;
- essentially extended "Links" page, strongly recommended for visiting;
- testing version of interactive navigation realized in PANORAMA
- repaired tags in photo album, so now captions are displayed not only in Internet Explorer; photos are opening in separate windows (tabs).

In the end of July I succeeded to visit Dalniy (its geographical place, the the Ryst lake), but arrived back, few days after I departed to much faraway travellings, and the site update was postponed. Since travellings are finished, I periodically put new photos in the gruop "Посёлок Дальний" at

During this long enough time I visited veterans organization of Federal Service department. They created the museum and still collecting materials about their organizations in Arkhangelsk region. Unfortunately, there is nothing about Dalniy and nearby villages there. In November 10th I visited Arkhangelsk regional state archive, where during very interesting meeting I was given an advice to search all necessary materials in "ОУ-250". That is the next point of my investigations, for further time.

And now You may acquaint with results of my July trip to Dalniy

I ask anyone having anyhing to publish here, any proposals or remarks, to find me at (replace # with @, anti-spam protection)
ICQ: 2 7 3 6 9 8 5 2 3
Sincerely yours, Alex A. Tsyomka.

P.S. Especially I'd like to find high resolution satellite shots of any area at 62.73 N 42.09 W, they may be of any possible datetime and, if possible, more detailed than Google has now ;)

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